About Us

The company has constructed since it began 2008, more than 20 projects in the field of Residential and commercial buildings for example, not for limited

  • Dream Home 1, Dream Home2 , Dream Home 3 , Dream Home 4 , Dream Home 5, Dream Home 6 -Dream Home 7, Dream Home 8 (Arabia area)

  • Dream Home 9 (El Ahiaa Area)

  • Dream Home10 (Al kawther Area ) 

  • EL Kawther Heights

  • Premier Apartments

  • Sunny Hills resort – Sahl hashish 

The dream home company for real estate & construction was established in 2008 and started with accuracy and achievement according to the Egyptian and European quality standards. this in turn has multiple the number of projects , through the clients confidence as they saw commitment and credibility in the company’s performance. The proof of that what the company achieved during the few years since it began, and this are the staff of company engineers , technicians , administrators , accountants , lawyers and high trained works . The following show the company’s departments sections :
  • General manager
  • Legal department
  • Administrative department
  • Engineering department
  • Technical department
  • Financial department
  • Marketing department
  • Public relations